individual lessons


Individual lessons allow for one-on-one instruction for a specific instrument. These types of lessons are given on a weekly basis in Troy, Ohio. The length of the lesson may be 30 minutes or 45 minutes, depending on the ability level and age of the student. Individual lessons are available for ‘students’ of almost any age. The youngest students are typically around five years of age, and some adults have started an instrument in my studio at 55 years of age! The benefits of studying music have an impact on people of all ages and this can be seen on this short video How Playing an Instrument Benefits Your Brain.

The following types of lessons are available:

  • beginning & advanced piano
  • beginning & advanced violin
  • beginning & advanced viola
  • beginning cello

During lessons, the areas of study include:

  • instrument technique
  • reading notation
  • improvisation
  • music theory

Students interested in lessons should acquire an instrument to practice on at home. Here are some tips for finding an instrument to purchase or rent:


  • 88 keys are on a piano/full size keyboard
  • look for a keyboard that has full-sized keys
  • keyboards are available in many different stores & locations
  • used pianos are a dime-a-dozen
    • if you are serious about a used one & have checked it out…wait
    • call a piano tuner & see if they will give you an evaluation of its condition
    • if they agree to do this, make an agreement that you will call them for tuning
    • ask the tuner to itemize the problems to be fixed so you can see the total cost
    • a broken string, a new key pad, etc. can be fixable
    • a broken sound board is costly and is NOT a great option


  • they all come in different sizes depending on the arm length of the student
  • young students normally start with a rental since they are still growing
  • 7th graders – adult MAY be ready for a full sized instrument (depending on size)
  • a great sounding instrument gives the student an advantage when starting & a good foundation to work with as they progress
  • avoid online purchases from individuals (i.e. ebay, etc.)
  • recommended rental company is The Loft Violin Shop, in Columbus, Ohio
    • great quality and sound
    • ship instruments
    • monthly rental fee with online paying option
    • rental fees apply toward future purchase of an instrument
  • instruments should also come with a bow, rosin, cleaning cloth, and shoulder rest (violins/violas) or rock stop (cellos)

Playing an instrument takes practice! Students are given songs to practice at home, musical exercises, and sometimes short written assignments to further their study on their instrument. I encourage parents and adults to consider lessons as a semester commitment. As with anything, it takes a commitment of time when trying something new. Payment for lessons is done monthly, and it is requested at the beginning of the month.

If you have questions about individual lessons, availability, or price, please contact Kristy at or call (937) 570-8163.