how lullabies help babies

Which of these songs do you know from your childhood? Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star Hush, Little Baby Brahm’s Lullaby Go to Sleep Hush a Bye Baby 5 Little Ducks Lullabies have been around for centuries. In fact, we use lullabies in our group music classes as a means of bonding between parent and child, it … More how lullabies help babies


Singing with babies preps brain for language

An article was posted online titled “Singing to children may help development of language skills,” preparing babies brains for language. The research was conducted by Sally Goddard Blythe, a consultant in neuro-developmental education and director of the Institute for Neuro-Physiological Psychology. Blythe believes that singing to and, later, with a child is the most effective … More Singing with babies preps brain for language