Unbearable Children’s Music?


Does all children’s music have to be unbearable?

As a music educator, I believe when children listen to music, it should have quality. Just as adults enjoy listening to instruments in their favorite artist’s album, children should also be able to do the same!

What are characteristics of ‘quality music’ for children?

  • real instruments
  • a female voice (easier for children to match pitch since it is similar to their vocal range)
  • songs have a simple verse & chorus structure or repetition
  • appropriate lyrics (may have some new vocabulary for them, though)
  • a singable melody
  • limited instrumentation (too many instruments does not allow young children to discern the melody due to their auditory development)

Even with the amount of music out there, it can be difficult to find this ‘quality’ of music for children. Interested in children’s music that fits these parameters? I will be posting a link to an online playlist and will also mention where you can go to purchase the music online. ‘Like’ Wee Music Studio on Facebook and ‘Like’ this post. Listen to some new music in the New Year!


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