Lessons for a Lifetime

I remember the first summer of taking piano lessons. I was five years old, and my parents enrolled me in a group piano class, called Tiny Tot Piano, taught by a local piano teacher, Dolores. She had a tall, old upright piano and I needed a stool under the bench, so my feet wouldn’t just … More Lessons for a Lifetime


bonding with baby

This research was conducted by Laura Cirelli and researchers from McMaster University. The following is taken from McMaster University. “Helpful bouncing babies show that moving together builds bonds from the time we learn to walk.” ScienceDaily. ScienceDaily, 24 June 2014: Whether they march in unison, row in the same boat or dance to the same … More bonding with baby

You Can Count on Me for Valentine’s Day

What comes to mind when you first think of Valentine’s Day? Candy. Cupid. Cards. Chocolate. Hearts. Love. Romance. Gifts. Date Night. How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? How do you celebrate this special day with your child? As a child, I remember my parents going out on a date for Valentine’s Day. But, Valentine’s Day was not just … More You Can Count on Me for Valentine’s Day