Books on Repeat [and songs, too]

books on repeat.PNG

There are reasons that it is beneficial for children to hear books repeatedly, as well as songs. Devon Corneal writes in her article Why Reading the Same Book Repeatedly Is Good for Kids (Even If It Drives You Nuts), about 5 reasons why we should go ahead and read the book again. As I read the article, this also applies to those songs that our children repeatedly ask us to sing. Here are the 5 reasons why we should go ahead and read or sing it again with our child:

  1. Vocabulary & Word Recognition
  2. Pattern & Rhyme
  3. Fluency
  4. Comprehension
  5. Confidence

In Devon Corneal’s article, she explains in more details the 5 reasons. To read the full article, you may follow this link.

Even though it may be hard to read the memorized book again, there will come a day when the favored book or song has passed its time and our child has moved onto a different stage or interest. Enjoy the moment while it lasts.

Interested in learning some new songs to share with your child? Join us on Saturday mornings for music class in Troy, Ohio. Class information can be found here!


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